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Interviewreihe Admir Kulin fragt: Mina Luetkens

No medicine without a patient

In our highly efficient, highly specialized healthcare system, we often forget what it’s really all about at its core: providing high-quality care to patients. With digitization and the KHZG, we

m.Doc und Recare kooperieren

m.Doc and Recare cooperate

It is a central element when it comes to the eligibility of patient portals under the KHZG. This is underscored by the three mandatory and three optional criteria dedicated to

LOUISA gewinnt Preis für Gesundheitsnetzwerker

LOUISA wins health networker award

Joint project of m.Doc and the University Medical Center Essen awarded the prize, which is highly respected in the industryJury’s decision underscores importance of digital patient communication and supportCologne, 17.03.2021.

Admir Kulin

What comes after KHZG funding?

The actual funding of the KHZG has not even really started yet, and the follow-up costs are already being discussed. It’s right and important to be far-sighted when it comes

Admir Kulin

KHZG – In the year 2025

The timeframe for implementing the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) is extremely short. On the one hand, this is good, because it means that digitization projects are getting moving. On the

Admir Kulin

A real chance

A 3 billion euro funding pot for hospitals – with this, the Hospital Future Act has great potential to set a fundamental course for the digitization of our healthcare system.

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