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Admir Kulin

A plea for pain

Pain is good. They show us where we need to make changes to get better. However, this does not seem to apply (anymore) in the health care system. Has the

Admir Kulin

Federal election everything on a new beginning

After the election is before the coalition negotiations. The entire country will be watching the outcome of these negotiations with bated breath in the coming weeks. In his commentary for

Admir Kulin

What we should tell the next generation

Digitizing the German healthcare system is a mammoth task. If we are to make rapid progress, we need more qualified young people than are available today. But do they even

m.Doc erhält TOP-100-Siegel

m.Doc receives TOP 100 seal

Cologne, Germany, July 6, 2021 – Award-winning innovative strength: Cologne-based digital healthcare pioneer m.Doc is delighted to receive its first TOP 100 seal of approval. This is the 28th time

Admir Kulin

After the DMEA is before the DMEA

It is the leading trade fair for the digital health industry and thus an indicator of the current mood on the market. A reason to look back on the past

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