Digital patient care
with the
m.Doc Smart Clinic patient portal.

The patient portal of the m.Doc Smart Clinic is the holistic solution for the digital future
of any clinic, rehab or care facility. The application is groundbreaking when it comes to patient-friendly
digitization. It puts patients at the center of attention without placing an additional burden on clinic staff.

Comprehensive communication without additional effort

With the services of this smart application, patients are actively integrated into the processes of their hospital stay. Via Smart Clinic, all administrative questions can be clarified and processes coordinated, patients’ own medical histories and therapy plans can be drawn up and explained, and comprehensive medical background knowledge can be offered to patients. Through this targeted and, above all, seamless communication, m.Doc Smart Clinic creates trust and transparency for patients, relieves the burden on hospital staff, and can positively support the treatment outcome. The digital application accompanies patients before admission, during their stay and afterwards. 

New: Our certified video service

With our Smart Health Video Service, your patients can contact you immediately via video telephony – without any personal contact.

Registration and logging in are designed to be as simple as possible for your patients.

In addition, our video service is KBV and TÜV certified. For you, this means that the consultations can be billed according to the fee schedule.

Involving patients even before their stay

With Smart Clinic, the patient’s admission already begins at home: Some time-consuming preadmission processes, such as making individual appointments and therapy arrangements, recording questionnaires and admission documents, or patient needs, for example, regarding nutrition or medication, as well as education, can already be handled before the patient’s hospital stay. The actual admission process on site can thus be made more efficient – creating satisfaction among patients and staff.

Digitales Aufnahmemanagement
Digitales Behandlungsmanagement

Also provide individual and comprehensive information in the clinic

During their stay in the hospital, patients need various types of information at different times: From the introduction of the nursing and medical teams to menus, questionnaires, ward procedures or consultation times and appointments, to individual exercises. With Smart Clinic, patients can always view important information about their stay via their own mobile device.

Care beyond the inpatient stay

We attach great importance to open architecture in all our developments. Smart Clinic is therefore compatible with various hospital information systems. With Smart Clinic, it is therefore possible to continue to provide patients with close support even after they have been discharged. For example, doctors’ letters can be sent digitally, and information on follow-up medication or recommendations for rehabilitation measures can be transmitted to patients.

Digitales Entlassmanagement
Digitales Aufnahmemanagement

More time for the essentials: Attention and medical treatment

Mit Smart Clinic erhalten Kliniken einrichtungs- und sogar stationsspezifische digitale Anwendungen. Neben behandlungs- und betreuungsrelevanten Abläufen lassen sich über m.Doc Smart Clinic auch Dienste und Services der Anbieter aus dem m.Doc Partnernetzwerk in den Klinikalltag integrieren, die Ihre Mitarbeiter spürbar entlasten.

Advantages of Smart Clinic

  • Patient-friendly, service-oriented and future-oriented – Smart Clinic changes the public perception of your hospital.
    More efficiency through digitization also means more time for actual medical treatment.
  • Satisfied patients who know they are in good hands.
  • A modern, well-organized working environment retains employees and attracts specialists.
  • m.Doc Smart Clinic is continuously being developed further – to keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Full flexibility, individual customization. Smart Clinic adapts to your requirements, workflows and applications.
  • All information on each individual patient at a glance at all times – from meal and therapy planning to appointments. This makes your day-to-day work easier and ensures greater efficiency.
  • In a modern, well-organized work environment, everyday hospital life is fun.
  • Greater efficiency and a reduction in staff workload take pressure off sometimes tense work schedules.
  • Smart Clinic quickly offers tangible added value for employees.
  • More time for the essentials: the patients.
  • For (potential) patients, the communication experience surrounding their stay in a clinic represents a key quality criterion.
  • Up-to-date and individual information and interaction offers around the stay provide noticeable added value for patients and the entire treatment team.
  • Patient-friendly, service-oriented and future-oriented – Smart Clinic changes the public perception of your hospital.
  • Clinic news and press releases can be directly integrated into patient communication.
  • m.Doc Smart Clinic actively supports you in the digitalization of everyday hospital life.
  • With Smart Clinic, you can implement new requirements at any time in an uncomplicated and legally compliant manner.
  • Through bidirectional interfaces, Smart Clinic guarantees smooth and secure data exchange with your HIS. Smart Clinic acts as a link between HIS and patient.
  • Special hardware is not necessary, but possible: Patients can access Smart Clinic with their own mobile devices or the clinic’s own devices.
  • Smart Clinic is based on highly functional and interoperable technology.
  • Data security and data protection meet national and EU-wide legal requirements.

m.Doc Smart Connect
Future through interoperability

Access via Pantient:in's mobile devices or
clinic's own devices.

Patientenportal Smart Clinic
All modules and services of the m.Doc Smart Clinic

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