Data must be secure

We are aware of the high standards that are required when handling patient-related
health data and are aware of our responsibility.

m.Doc therefore uses the T-Systems data center in Germany or the customer’s respective European location for all data processed via our Smart Health Platform. The data centers are certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. In addition, DSGVO-compliant data storage is guaranteed at all times by client-side encryption in combination with two-factor authentication.



  • Data is transmitted encrypted between all system components (SSL, X.509 certificate).
  • During transmission, care is taken to ensure data economy.
    Monitoring and warning services are in place to ensure the availability of services and the integrity of data.


  • Hosting for our German customers takes place in highly secure twin-core data centers operated by Deutsche T-Systems (including ISO 27001 certification).
  • Hosting for customers from other European countries takes place in their respective countries.
  • Data is processed in compliance with DSGVO.
  • Data is stored in encrypted form (Encryption at Rest).


  • The identity of patients is verified.
  • Login with 2-factor authentication.
  • Several authentication methods are available.
  • No data is stored on patients’ mobile devices.
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