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Interviewreihe Admir Kulin fragt: Jeremy Daehn

Who is actually the customer in the hospital?

For Jeremy Dähn, Head of Digitalization and Innovation at Johanniter GmbH, this question is not easy to answer from a hospital’s perspective. Nevertheless, he tries and emphasizes the importance of

Interviewreihe Admir Kulin fragt: Mina Luetkens

No medicine without a patient

In our highly efficient, highly specialized healthcare system, we often forget what it’s really all about at its core: providing high-quality care to patients. With digitization and the KHZG, we

m.Doc Smart Clinic: Ausgezeichnet!

m.Doc Smart Clinic: Excellent!

Cologne-based digital healthcare pioneer m.Doc has won two prizes for its Smart Clinic patient portal at the German Brand Awards 2022. m.Doc is on the winner’s podium in the “Brand

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