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„Da ist ziemlich viel Musik drin“

“There’s quite a bit of music in there”

This phrase from financial jargon currently fits hardly any industry better than the healthcare sector. More and more investors and also companies from outside the sector are recognizing its market

Admir Kulin

Foot on the gas for digitization projects

Procrastination and progress are two things that are mutually exclusive by definition. So if something is not (yet) perfect, it is all the more important to work on it. This

Admir Kulin

First, things turn out differently…

Second than you think. After 2020 was already an exceptional year, 2021 didn’t really make it much easier for us in many places. So where do we currently stand? And

Admir Kulin

A plea for pain

Pain is good. They show us where we need to make changes to get better. However, this does not seem to apply (anymore) in the health care system. Has the

Admir Kulin

Federal election everything on a new beginning

After the election is before the coalition negotiations. The entire country will be watching the outcome of these negotiations with bated breath in the coming weeks. In his commentary for

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