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Patient Reported Outcome Measures: m.Doc becomes technology partner of Vivantes Kliniken

International studies show: Including patients’ perspectives in healthcare can significantly improve the quality of treatment. That is why more and more hospitals are collecting quality of life parameters, so-called Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), as part of their quality management. Here, the digital collection of ePROMs directly in the patient pathway (patient journey) is considered forward-looking. Vivantes, Germany’s largest municipal hospital group, has also opted for this approach and selected m.Doc from Cologne as a suitable technology partner. Care in the clinics to a new level. For the first time, patients and their relatives will also be actively involved in communication – in line with the m.Doc philosophy of patient-centric healthcare.

Cologne, April 20, 2022. m.Doc, the digital healthcare pioneer, will become the technology partner of Vivantes – Netzwerk für Gesundheit ausBerlin. In a multi-stage public tender, the Cologne-based company won over Germany’s largest municipal hospital group with its patient portal m.Doc Smart Clinic and its deep integration into the patient journey. In the future, the Smart Clinic will be used to digitally collect a wide variety of quality of life scores before and after clinical care.

“The collection of PROMs in the Patient Journey will not only be required by quality definitions motivated by health policy, but will develop into a valuable and directly usable contribution within the improvement process of medical excellence. Healthcare providers such as Vivantes are meeting this high demand; digital measurement within the Patient Journey is a matter of course for us in this context and, moreover, an important prerequisite for collecting structured data as close to the patient as possible,” says Dr. Sebastian Karmann, Head of Department in Vivantes’ Medical Division, on the project’s objectives.

Adds Admir Kulin, as managing director of m.Doc from Cologne: “Whoever wants to harness the great potential of patient-centeredness as a provider today, must leverage the digital treasure trove of relationships between practitioner and patient. m.Doc has been developing interfitting application modules for clinicians and patients alike based on an integrative digital platform since its inception. The collection of ePROMs opens up a wide range of opportunities for quality improvement within the patient journey and in the context of all other modules of the Smart Clinic.”

m.Doc has been collecting digital ePROMs for five years via its Smart Clinic patient portal, which is the leader in the German market. The open and stable platform architecture also makes m.Doc a sought-after partner in the field of clinical registry studies.

However, the KHZG-funded patient portal can do much more. Numerous clinics in Germany already rely on the Smart Clinic with its more than 30 process-oriented modules that cover the entire patient journey from the perspective of both practitioners and patients.

And it is precisely this modular structure that ensures that each hospital is picked up at the digitization level at which it currently finds itself. An experienced implementation team at m.Doc is responsible for a safe introduction into regular operation.


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Founded in 2016, m.Doc is a digital healthcare pioneer from Cologne, Germany, that provides numerous digital solutions for clinics, rehabilitation and care facilities, and medical practices based on its Smart Health Platform. The company is at the center of a strong and steadily growing partner network that paves the way for digital innovations in the healthcare system. With its solutions tailored to the needs of the industry, m.Doc makes efficient care possible and thus gives doctors, nurses and medical staff more time for what is important: the patient.

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About Vivantes

Vivantes Strategy 2030: Actively shaping the future

As Germany’s largest municipal hospital group, Vivantes aims to actively shape the transformation of healthcare and pioneer cross-sector, borderless healthcare concepts in Germany. The company has therefore set itself ambitious goals in its corporate strategy “Vivantes 2030” and developed a clear vision for the healthcare of the future.

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