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Braunschweig Municipal Hospital places order for digital patient portal

Consortium of UNITY AG, m.Doc GmbH and Teletracking GmbH develops innovative total solution

Braunschweig, February 17, 2022: The Braunschweig Municipal Hospital (SKBS) has announced the launch of a digital patient portal with a platform for capacity management and patient flow. The consortium of UNITY AG, m.Doc GmbH and Teletracking GmbH is developing a comprehensive solution that will enable patients to manage their appointments and records online in the future, while the hospital will benefit from automated management of capacities, resources and workflows.

In the future, patients at Braunschweig Municipal Hospital will be able to make their appointments online and exchange necessary documents digitally with the hospital. They will be assisted by app in navigating the hospital grounds, can select their meals by app, receive information about their treatment on their smartphone, and much more. This also includes comprehensive support for any follow-up care that may be required, with digital booking of care places and forwarding of documents to follow-up care facilities.

“Not only will our patients benefit from better services, but the hospital’s employees will also be relieved of coordination tasks by the introduction of this innovative overall solution. Our goal of ‘Focusing on people’ will receive an important boost from this project,” emphasizes Dr. Andreas Goepfert, managing director of the hospital.

SKBS is handing over the project, which is funded by the Hospital Future Act, to a consortium led by UNITY AG, a consulting firm experienced in digital transformation projects. UNITY AG will implement the solution based on the software and expertise of m.Doc GmbH, the market leader in patient portals in Germany with its Smart Clinic, and TeleTracking GmbH, the market leader for patient flow and capacity management software. “Here, leading companies in their field have joined forces in a unique partnership to implement this challenging project in one of Germany’s largest hospitals,” explains Tomas Pfänder, a member of the Executive Board at UNITY AG.

“To think and implement the introduction of a patient portal in such a holistic way is outstanding. The Braunschweig Municipal Hospital will certainly become a role model in the German hospital landscape. We are very pleased to have played a part in this,” emphasizes Admir Kulin, Managing Director of m.Doc GmbH.

“We consider the jointly implemented project to be trend-setting for hospitals in Germany. Due to the increased efficiency in hospital operations, the staff now has more time for what is essential – patient care.” Chris Johnson, Co-CEO at TeleTracking Technologies.

“By introducing a patient portal, we enable holistic digital communication with patients both before and after their stay in the hospital. In addition, thanks to the portal, the structured transfer of documents to aftercare facilities is also ensured,” adds Dr. Raimar Goldschmidt, CEO of


Braunschweig Municipal Hospital places order for digital patient portal
A groundbreaking step for digitization in healthcare. Admir Kulin, managing director of m.Doc GmbH, Tomas Pfänder board member at UNITY, Christopher Johnson, co-CEO at TeleTracking Technologies, Dr. Andreas Goepfert, managing director of the hospital, Dr. Raimar Goldschmidt, managing director of, Dr. Tobias von Bargen, manager at UNITY.

Photo credit: Klinikum Braunschweig/Anna Tomelleri

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