Spot on: The second tier in the healthcare system

Cologne, March 2020 – The focus is currently – and rightly so – on the many heroes of our healthcare system who are doing unprecedented work under an unprecedented acute burden. However, we should not forget those other players who are currently living a rather shadowy existence. We are talking, for example, about social services such as rehabilitation facilities, senior centers or workshops for the disabled. The President of the German Caritas Association, Peter Neher, even warns that many social services will not survive the Corona crisis.

This is because the majority of these facilities are currently having to significantly reduce their regular operations, which naturally results in financial losses. And the financial cushion of the non-profit organizations in particular is simply not thick enough to cope with longer downtimes.

At the same time, rehabilitation facilities in particular can currently also make an important contribution to relieving the burden on the healthcare system, as Ulf Ludwig, CEO of the Medical Park Clinic Group, a company specializing in follow-up treatment (AHB), rehabilitation and prevention, emphasizes: “On the one hand, we have the infrastructural prerequisites, especially in coordination with the regional acute hospitals. We are working at full speed to expand our existing intensive care beds and equipment. On the other hand, our medical, nursing and therapy staff bring the necessary skills to care for patients over a longer period of time.”

If social services are to relieve the system in the worst case scenario, however, they must be integrated holistically. And this is where, for example, the Federal Association of Private Clinics is clearly critical: “The planned integration of preventive and rehabilitation clinics into patient care is done only half-heartedly and leads clinics into insolvency within a few days due to a lack of financial security.” From our own experience – we can count many rehab facilities among our m.Doc customers – we can say: digitization is especially important in the rehab sector. Therefore, we are convinced that even the supposedly second tier can and will make its contribution in the fight against the Corona pandemic. The important thing is that, despite all the acute concerns, needs and challenges, we actually keep all the players in the healthcare system in mind and – where necessary – provide targeted support. Only together are we strong!