Digitization now. This is how you can make your house fit for the future with the KHZG.

Sometimes it takes the right impetus to get going, start something new or put plans into action. This is precisely the impetus that is now coming from the German government. The Hospital Futures Act, with its targeted support for digital projects, is becoming a catalyst for digitization in healthcare. Take advantage of this opportunity. We will show you what options are available and how you can implement your individual plans with the modularly structured m.Doc Smart Health Platform – no matter what digitization step lies ahead of you.


The basic info

The KHZG at a glance

  • A total of 4.3 billion in funding has been available since January 1, 2021
  • Specific funding requirements can be requested by hospital operators as early as September 2, 2020
  • Deadline for funding applications is December 31, 2021
  • Supplementary loans via KfW are possible
The path to promotion

The m.Doc patient portal:

Your way to funding according to §19Abs. 1 Nummer 2 KHZG

If we were cocky, we would think that the federal government had m.Doc’s service portfolio in mind when it described the promotion of digital patient portals. After all, the prerequisites listed in the law correspond exactly to the services of the m.Doc Smart Clinic. This means that our patient portal meets both the “must” and the “can” criteria.

Fördertatbestand 2

8 Must Criteria

to digital acquisition management

Fulfilled! With the m.Doc patient portal, patients and their upstream service providers can book appointments for outpatient care services, arrange treatments online, or request and coordinate partial and full inpatient treatments online. The patient’s medical history and admission are, of course, also carried out digitally from home – including all the necessary signatures.

6 Must Criteria

to digital treatment management

Fulfilled! Because with the patient portal from m.Doc, patients can use their own terminal device to find their way around your hospital during their stay – from local conditions to contact persons to care. Important information on treatment is provided, clarifying many questions in advance.

3 Must criteria

on digital discharge management

Fulfilled! Because with the m.Doc patient portal, structured data exchange between service providers is possible at any time, even after treatment. Data and information are made available to downstream service providers on the basis of recognized standards. In addition, close follow-up care via telemedical structures is guaranteed at all times, should this be necessary.


Mandatory criteria

on IT security

Fulfilled! For hosting, for example, we rely on twin-core data centers from Telekom, which are certified to ISO 27001 and ISO9001, among other standards. Data is transmitted encrypted between all system components (SSL, X.509 certificate). We ensure data economy and use monitoring and alerting services to ensure service availability and data integrity. In order to verify the identity of patients, login is done via 2-factor authentication. Of course, no data is stored on the patients’ mobile devices.

Basic requirement


Fulfilled! With m.Doc’s patient portal, end-to-end integration of services internal and external to the institution is guaranteed. We use internationally recognized technical, syntactical and semantic standards, as far as they are available. In addition, all relevant documents and data can be transferred to the electronic patient file at any time.


Many more

Mandatory criteria

Fulfilled! With our patient portal, you can, for example, also bring your emergency rooms up to the state of the art or create cross-sector telemedical network structures. Together with partners from our extensive and reliable network, we also fulfill numerous other mandatory criteria of the KHZG beyond our patient portal. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our partners

The most important summarized

With m.Doc's patient portal, you can put a check mark on all
must and can criteria of the KHZG!

The promotion in detail

Hospital Future Fund: Here's how the pots are distributed.
The legislature clearly articulated the funding provided by the Hospital Future Fund:

‍ - Only projects that meet the requirements of Section 19 (2) and (3) of the KHSFV and Section 14a (5) of the KHG are eligible for funding.
- Fifteen percent of the approved funds must go toward IT and cybersecurity.
- Funds not applied for by Dec. 31, 2021, will revert to the federal government.
- 30 percent of the investment costs are covered by the states and/or hospital sponsors.
- In principle, countries can also fund projects above this percentage.
- Hospital operators can draw on KfW's Digital Infrastructure Investment Loan program for their own share of the financing.
Eligibility Requirements
- Eligible projects must have begun (contract signed) no earlier than September 2, 2020.
- Applications from the states must be received by the Federal Social Security Administration no later than December 31, 2021.
- Any funds not expended by then will revert to the federal government at the end of 2023.
- All subsidized measures must be completed by December 31, 2024.
- EU state aid law and the usual regulations under public procurement law apply.
- Hospitals eligible to apply must be included in the respective state hospital plan.
- University hospitals are also eligible to apply. However, they may only receive a maximum of 10 percent of the funds to which the state is entitled under Section14a (3) Sentence1 of the German Hospital Act (KHG).
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Step by step
- the m.Doc way!

We prepare detailed information about the project

As certified partners we check the feasibility

The hospital operator registers the demand*.

Together, we regularly demonstrate that the funds are being used for the intended purpose

*Which only takes a few minutes with the unique m.Doc KHZG application generator. You decide which eligible projects you want to implement in your home. We place the appropriate checkmarks and the finished application only needs to be printed out.  

Make an appointment and get to know us and our field-tested solutions.