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#1 Onboarding Day

Cologne, November 12, 2020 – We’re growing, which is why we’re currently focusing more on new personnel resources. With 20 new colleagues, it’s no longer enough to greet them with a simple handshake and a “Welcome! What is needed is professional onboarding.

But how do you meet new colleagues when direct contact is limited due to Corona? That’s right, with a completely digital onboarding day! And that’s exactly what we organized for the first time this month.

Our response: a complete success and an important milestone for m.Doc. Especially since the 20 new team members start in completely different departments and come from different countries.

Our CEO Admir Kulin took the opportunity to personally present the vision and future goals of the company. Across our management there were presentations on the individual departments and projects and also many of our “old hands” gave “the new ones” insights into their daily work.

It’s fascinating how digital solutions and tools can break down barriers and build bridges. Even though we are already looking forward to the personal exchange again, we are still happy and grateful for the possibilities that new technologies offer us today.

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