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Thieme participates in the digital health platform m.Doc

Stuttgart, February 2019 – With immediate effect, the Thieme Group holds a stake in Cologne-based m.Doc GmbH. m.Doc offers a digital platform that helps improve patient communication and care processes across all phases of outpatient, inpatient and post-discharge treatment processes. As part of the investment, m.Doc will receive financing for the planned scaling and expansion of the company. At the same time, the two partners intend to closely link the m.Doc platform and Thieme’s medical information and service offerings to create new innovative solutions.

The medical performance of the German healthcare system is predominantly high. However, the information processes between patients and treatment providers, the various facilities for outpatient, inpatient and post-inpatient care, show considerable gaps and deficits. Optimal communication with patients as well as between the individual facilities is an essential factor for successful medical care. It not only increases adherence to treatment, but also helps to make the often complex processes efficient and avoid unnecessary costs – for example, due to duplicate examinations.

This is where the m.Doc solution comes in. The platform technology brings together data from different systems in clinics and practices. Open interfaces enable connection to hospital information systems, electronic patient files and qualified applications, for example. Continuous information processes are created in this continuously growing partner network. The quality and efficiency of these information processes is not only helpful for patients, but also supports medical and nursing staff.

Thieme has long been committed to optimizing healthcare by improving information processes. With the Thieme Compliance information sheets or the eRef knowledge platform, the provider of medical information and services already ensures that patient communication as well as diagnostics and therapy in clinics and practices are supported whenever necessary.

“m.Doc is an ideal fit for offerings that we already have on the market today and that we can now develop even more specifically for various players in the healthcare system in the future,” says CEO Dr. Udo Schiller, responsible for Products & Solutions, explaining Thieme’s commitment. “We are convinced that m.Doc, with its digital health platform, closes a gap in the healthcare system from which all stakeholders will benefit,” Schiller continued.

“With Thieme, we have a partner at our side that is closely networked in the healthcare sector and maintains a quality-assured treasure trove of information. We will use this to anchor the m.Doc platform as an indispensable building block in healthcare,” emphasizes Admir Kulin, CEO and founder of m.Doc GmbH. Together, Thieme and m.Doc will further expand the partner network and actively shape digitization in the healthcare system.

The Thieme Group

Thieme is a market-leading provider of information and services that help improve health and healthcare. With over 1000 employees, the family-owned company develops digital and analog offerings in medicine and chemistry. The international group of companies with 11 locations worldwide uses a broad network of experts and partners as well as the high-quality content from 200 trade journals and 4400 book titles. With its solutions, Thieme supports relevant information processes in science, education and patient care. Medical students, doctors, nurses and therapists, clinics, health insurance companies and all those interested in health are the focus here. Through the high quality and target group-specific relevance of the services offered, Thieme paves the way for better medicine and more health in life.

m.Doc GmbH

m.Doc supports patient care with digital innovations – wherever it takes place: at the general practitioner’s or specialist’s office as well as before, during and after hospitalization. The healthcare platform transcends sector boundaries and accompanies patients through measures of early detection, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Cologne, the digital health company is actively shaping digitization in healthcare by involving all stakeholders. Based on the patient’s need for information, it relies on a steadily growing partner network that can integrate into the platform via open interfaces. This includes providers of hospital information systems as well as health insurance companies with their electronic patient files. m.Doc thus makes efficient care possible and creates more time for doctors, nurses and other treatment providers to focus on the essentials – turning to the patient.

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