Kulin asks...Quo Vadis Digital Health?

Where is Digital Health headed in Germany? In the format “Kulin asks…Quo Vadis Digital Health?” Admir Kulin gets to the bottom of this question every month – always from different angles and perspectives.

An honest stocktaking, please


Reforms, revolutions and setbacks – February had a lot to offer in terms of healthcare. Above all, however, the past four weeks have shown that the system is groaning and creaking in more and more places. So we need to change something, but in the right places, please. Quo Vadis Digital Health: An honest assessment is needed.

Admir Kulin fragt...Quo Vadis Digital Health?

Like mushrooms from the ground...


There are always terms that every company wants to be associated with. In healthcare, it was first telemedicine, now it’s platforms. For customers, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Admir Kulin fragt...Quo Vadis Digital Health?

The obvious should not surprise us (anymore)


Researchers have been warning about the consequences of climate change for years. And for just as long, we humans and also those responsible in politics have been aware of these warnings, but have not acted accordingly. When half of southern Europe goes up in flames or inland shipping on the Rhine or Elbe runs dry, the outcry is great.

Das Offensichtliche sollte uns nicht (mehr) überraschen

Act or just react?


The whole world is “on FHIR” – and in Germany just one little light is flickering. That’s all it really takes to summarize the current topic of a possible standard for the exchange of health data. Now this is not a new development, so why FHIR as a topic for Quo Vadis Digital Health in October?

Admir Kulin fragt...Quo Vadis Digital Health?

A joint task - and ours


Data security, information security and data privacy in healthcare were the hot topics in June. At this point, I don’t want to go too much in search of clues, analyze reasons or even point the finger in any direction. On the contrary. I have a constructive suggestion: let’s work together.

Eine Gemeinschaftsaufgabe – und zwar unsere

Telematics Infrastructure 2.0 as an Opportunity?


At the age of 18, you – and women – come of age in Germany. The telematics infrastructure, on the other hand, is still in its infancy in its 18th year, says KBV board member Thomas Kriedel. Are we perhaps pursuing the wrong interests when it comes to digitization in Germany? A question for Quo Vadis Digital Health in May.

Telematikinfrastruktur 2.0 als Chance?

How much private capital can the private practice sector tolerate?


More and more investors are taking an interest in medical practices. What is positive on the one hand, because it increases the degree of digitization, is on the other hand to be observed with a certain skepticism. Which path do we want to take for (basic) medical care in Germany?

Das Offensichtliche sollte uns nicht (mehr) überraschen

"Fast Lane" for the German healthcare system?


The HIMSS in Orlando was worth the trip in many respects. However, it is particularly exciting to see how digital maturity measurement is currently changing in the USA. If you look closely, you now have the opportunity to shape digitization in German hospitals in such a way that a few evolutionary steps are skipped.

„Fast Lane“ für das deutsche Gesundheitswesen?

"There's quite a bit of music in there"


This phrase from financial jargon is currently more apt for the healthcare sector than for any other. More and more investors and also companies from outside the sector are recognizing its market potential – especially that of digital health. The investment sums represent the degree of maturity that the industry has now reached.

Eine Gemeinschaftsaufgabe – und zwar unsere

Will 2022 be THE year for digital health in Germany?


It’s always good to subject your opinion and assessment to critical scrutiny. That’s why I wanted to know from my LinkedIn network what they think the chances are for digital health this year. We may (still) disagree about the timing of the big breakthrough. However, the vast majority believe that it will come. An analysis.

Wird 2022 DAS Jahr für Digital Health in Deutschland?