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m.Doc Smart Health platform: new release with extensive enhancements

Cologne, 23.09.2020. Even more communication options and tools, digital document signatures or an upgrade of the Patient Journey Designer – with the sixth version of its Smart Health platform, Cologne-based healthcare pioneer m.Doc is taking the digitization of healthcare to a new level, paving the way for the implementation of the Hospital Futures Act.

Everything is new in September – at least at digital healthcare pioneer m.Doc. With the current release of the Smart Health platform, customers such as acute and university hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, doctors’ practices and numerous other service providers now have more than 30 digital modules at their disposal that relieve medical staff in their everyday work, streamline numerous administrative processes in the hospitals and consistently place patient communication in the foreground – all those aspects whose expansion the German government also wants to specifically promote with the recently passed Hospital Futures Act.

Chief Operating Officer Nikhil Narikkodan and his team are largely responsible for the sixth version of the m.Doc Smart Health platform. He says of the release: “Our primary goal is to align our applications and solutions as closely as possible to the current needs of users. That is, to the requirements of patients and medical staff alike. To this end, we are in a continuous and close exchange with our customers and numerous partners in order to improve existing solutions and develop new ones. With the current release, we are now presenting a whole range of new smart services as well as extensive enhancements, with which the digitization of healthcare is taking an important step towards the future.”

Patient admission begins at home

The company in Cologne is particularly proud of the extensive communication tools, which have been significantly expanded once again with the new release. For example, “Klinikpost”, the secure and of course DSGVO-compliant messenger for all conceivable communication channels in the hospitals – i.e. between specialists, which promotes the interdisciplinary treatment approach and breaks down silos, but above all also between the medical staff and the patients, who feel better informed and in good hands.

Great importance was also attached to even greater flexibility of the treatment pathway designer. This means that clinics now have the option of linking patient paths to a specific appointment type or diagnosis in a standardized way. A workflow is then triggered for the patient, which can be individually configured in advance for each appointment type.

Another new feature in this context is that patients can sign all documents digitally. This means that the release now ensures communication between patients and institutions without media discontinuity.

The platform’s telemedicine portal has also been expanded. This means that users now have even more options for providing patients with close-knit care, for example in the case of chronic or long-term illnesses, even in their own homes.

Even more user-friendly

Of course, the important aspects of user-friendliness and data security have also been optimized once again in this release. This includes, for example, that the platform interfaces to the HIS and AIS have been expanded and supplemented by new standards such as FHIR. In concrete terms, this means that all data can be exchanged efficiently between new digital solutions and existing systems.

In addition, m.Doc’s video consultation hours have been certified by TÜV and listed by KBV. This means that it is now billable.

And last but not least, the Corona-related challenges have of course also been addressed in Cologne. For example, a fever diary can be used to record and monitor the health status of patients on Covid-19.

Approval as a medical device class

Since June of this year, the m.Doc Smart Health platform has also been allowed to carry a CE mark as a Class I medical device. The Cologne-based company owes this success, on the one hand, to the qualitatively and technically sophisticated state of the platform. On the other hand, the questionnaire designer was decisive for the medical product, with which patients can also conveniently complete the medical history, which is important for admission and treatment, from home.

Numerous advantages for clinics and practices

The new release of the m.Doc Smart Health platform offers clinics and practices a whole range of additional benefits. This is because all services can be controlled via the platform. At the same time, the modular structure of the platform ensures that each facility receives a customized compilation of the solutions required for its individual operations. This makes it easier for many hospitals to enter the digital health era. This is because the platform always adapts to the current level of digitization, but can subsequently be increased at any pace up to full digitization.

“We are convinced that the current version of our Smart Health platform significantly raises the already great added value for clinics, practices, but above all for patients. At the same time, the current release makes us a valuable partner when it comes to implementing projects eligible for funding under the Hospital Future Act,” concludes the founder and CEO of m.Doc GmbH, Admir Kulin.

About m.Doc GmbH

Founded in 2016, m.Doc is a digital healthcare pioneer from Cologne, Germany, that provides numerous digital solutions for hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities, as well as doctors’ practices, based on its Smart Health platform. The company is at the center of a strong and steadily growing partner network that paves the way for digital innovations in the healthcare system. With its solutions tailored to the needs of the industry, m.Doc makes efficient care possible and thus gives doctors, nurses and medical staff more time for what is important: the patient.

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