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m.Doc and Validated ID combine expertise

Cologne, 11.02.2021. The Cologne-based digital healthcare company m.Doc relies on the expertise of the Spanish Validated ID for communication without media discontinuity. This means that patients can now also conveniently sign all necessary documents digitally in the patient portal. Two-factor authentication linked to the patient’s cell phone number provides the necessary security.

If a digital application is to be accepted by users, it must be one thing above all: free of media discontinuity. This is precisely why digital healthcare pioneer m.Doc and Validated ID, founded in Spain, are pooling their expertise with immediate effect. Thanks to the collaboration with Validated ID, patients can now digitally sign all documents from the comfort of their own home within the patient portal m.Doc Smart Clinic. The advantage: patients have enough time to read through everything at their leisure. All documents are then collected in the patient portal and can be viewed again at any time. And the clinics also benefit from the bundled expertise. As all documents required for administrative processes can be assigned digitally, the workload for the staff is reduced immensely. In addition, the signatures are available at any time at the push of a button in the Professional Portal of the m.Doc solution, and the paper saved naturally pays off positively for the hospital’s environmental balance sheet.

“We are very pleased with the digital signature that we can now offer clinics and patients as part of our patient portal m.Doc Smart Clinic. With Validated ID we have an extremely reliable partner at our side, who of course also fulfills all legal requirements”, comments Admir Kulin, founder and CEO of m.Doc GmbH on the cooperation.

And Marti Adroher, Sales Director Europe at Validated ID adds: “There are numerous fields of application in which our digital signature offers added value. But of course, we are particularly pleased to be able to contribute to the future of healthcare through our collaboration with digital healthcare pioneer m.Doc.”

“The digital signature in collaboration with Validated ID is already available within the m.Doc Smart Clinic and thus in practical testing. The feedback so far has been absolutely positive. Above all, the reduced administrative effort is praised,” says Yunus Bulut, the responsible product manager at m.Doc.

Simple processes for clinics and patients

Validated ID’s digital signature fits into m.Doc’s existing patient portal in an absolutely user-friendly way. Clinic staff can use the solution’s Professional Portal to either assign patients an already created document for digital signature or create a new one. Patients then receive a message in their application that there is a document to sign including a link. Patients can also tick fields in the document itself. For the signature, there is a button that directly and automatically redirects to Validated ID’s VIDsigner. Two-factor authentication ensures security. To do this, patients first receive a signature code that is sent to their cell phone number. The signature field then opens, where the patient can sign digitally.

About m.Doc GmbH

Founded in 2016, m.Doc is a digital healthcare pioneer from Cologne, Germany, that provides numerous digital solutions for clinics, rehabilitation and care facilities, and medical practices based on its Smart Health platform. The company is at the center of a strong and steadily growing partner network that paves the way for digital innovations in the healthcare system. With its solutions tailored to the needs of the industry, m.Doc makes efficient care possible and thus gives doctors, nurses and medical staff more time for what is important: the patient. For more information, visit

About Valideted ID

Validated ID provides security and trust services for electronic signature and digital identity verification processes. In this context, VIDsigner is the SaaS service for electronic signatures, both for face-to-face and remote scenarios. It combines ease of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics. Its different signature types can be combined to meet the needs of teams and organizations. For more information, visit

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