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m.Doc and Recare cooperate

It is a central element when it comes to the eligibility of patient portals under the KHZG. This is underscored by the three mandatory and three optional criteria dedicated to the project eligible for funding under in accordance with Section 19 (1) KHSFV. We are talking about discharge management. And on precisely this important point, m.Doc and Recare are joining forces with immediate effect.

m.Doc presents in cooperation with Recare holistic eligible solution for the funding category 2 “digital patient portals”.

Publication date: Cologne, 09.04.2021

The digital healthcare company m.Doc GmbH integrates the digital discharge management platform Recare for the digital patient portal.

Within the scope of funding item 2 “Digital Patient Portal” of the Hospital Futures Act (KHZG), digital solutions are promoted and required both for the area of discharge management and for the upstream processes of admission and treatment management. In order to apply for a holistic digital patient portal as defined by the KHZG, m.Doc presents a holistic eligible solution for the digital patient portal with the integration of the Recare platform for the sub-offense “digital discharge management”.

“With the KHZG, the German government has created a unique blueprint for what the digitization of the German hospital system should look like. Now it’s up to us providers to fill this blueprint with life. And we can only respond to the very specific funding criteria with very good, tried-and-tested solutions in order to present ourselves as a reliable partner for hospitals. Therefore, we are also very pleased that we can now rely on Recare’s expertise in the very important topic of discharge management,” says Admir Kulin, founder and managing director of m.Doc GmbH.

From the process practice of the hospitals, there are some needs and synergies between the areas of admission, treatment and discharge management, which can also be implemented in joint digital use cases. This is what m.Doc and Recare will conceptualize over time and implement in terms of customer needs. For clinics and facilities, the cooperation means an “all-around carefree package.” Both companies will, of course, also continuously explore further product-side intersections from which both the hospitals and the patients can benefit.

“We see our strengths primarily in marketplace design and the networking of all relevant players in the sector with each other. In order for a holistic digital patient portal to be applied for in terms of the KHZG, collaboration with established players in the market is crucial for us. Therefore, we are very happy to be integrated into m.doc’s great portal,” adds Maximilian Greschke, CEO and co-founder Recare.

About m.Doc:

Founded in 2016, m.Doc is a digital healthcare pioneer from Cologne, Germany, that provides numerous digital solutions for clinics, rehabilitation and care facilities as well as medical practices based on its Smart Health platform. The company is at the center of a strong and steadily growing partner network that paves the way for digital innovations in the healthcare system. With its solutions tailored to the needs of the industry, m.Doc makes efficient care possible and thus gives doctors, nurses and medical staff more time for what is important: the patient.

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About Recare:

With more than 500 acute care and rehabilitation hospitals and over 13,000 other service providers, Recare is the largest digital platform for discharge management measured by the number of active contractual partners in Germany.

The digital platform enables the efficient search for care places in the areas of care transfer, hospital transfer, follow-up treatment as well as the associated organization of patient transport and aids. The platform also includes structured data exchange between service providers and the integration of payers into the process.