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Essen University Hospital and m.Doc use ISiK for the first time

Cologne, Germany, June 8, 2021 – Interoperability, i.e., the smooth interaction of different system landscapes, is the indispensable basis if the digitization drive in German hospitals, which was initiated primarily by the Hospital Future Act, is to be crowned with success.

As the “National Digital Health Agency”, gematik is therefore developing a binding “Standard for the Exchange of Health Data via a Standardized Interface for Information Technology Systems in Hospitals” – ISiK for short – by June 30, 2021.

At Essen University Hospital, in cooperation with the Cologne-based smart health pioneer m.Doc, this interface is being used for the first time in a so-called show case.

With the help of the ISiK data objects “Patient” and “Encounter” as well as the FHIR resources “Appointment” and “Question”, patient adherence can be promoted in this model project and also be included more efficiently in the treatment process from a scientific point of view.

The University Hospital of Essen is considered a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence for the transplantation of liver, kidney and lung as well as stem cells. The university hospital is also a pioneer for digitalization in healthcare and has a powerful IT infrastructure.

For the admission, for the actual treatment process and for the postoperative and post-inpatient care of patients, the patient portal from m.Doc is used in the model project instead of paper-based questionnaires, with which important patient data is collected. “The ISiK data objects ensure the smooth flow of data to and from the patient portal, which is thus seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s IT infrastructure,” says Armin de Greiff, technical director of central IT at UME.

In addition to the benefits for diagnosis, therapy design and follow-up care, this solution offers patients a number of other advantages: Admission processes can be completed from home, and patients’ on-site appearances are unnecessary for further steps. Without stress, documents can be read and understood, answered and signed. In addition, the m.Doc portal provides patient-oriented specialist content to make it easier to deal with illness. Above all, however, the data collected in the show case serves not only administrative purposes but also medical decision-making and scientific knowledge.

“Being able to integrate smoothly into different system landscapes is one of the most important features that any solution in the healthcare sector must have. Monolithic environments that communicate poorly with others will not stand up to the demands of the future,” said m.Doc CEO Admir Kulin. “Being an ‘early bird’ for ISiK deployment now underscores m.Doc’s DNA of focusing on and being an early adopter of open standards and interoperability.”


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