Digitale Patientenkommunikation. Wichtiger denn je.

The Corona crisis makes it clear to everyone: digital communication in healthcare is no longer a “nice to have”, but a “must have”. Without comprehensive digitization, the healthcare system will not be fit for the future.

The quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare depend to a large extent on how well informed and oriented patients are – about clinical pictures and treatment options, but also about appointments, therapies, medications, safety precautions and all other aspects of their healthcare.

With the Smart Health platform, m.Doc enables comprehensive patient-centric communication. In clinics, in practice networks and across sector boundaries. Information from a wide variety of system worlds and sources is brought to smart devices for the patient and supplemented with important as well as useful functions and services.

The resulting smart solutions make it possible to present care processes transparently for all those involved and to optimize processes; the proverbial “patient at the center” becomes reality. Patients are constantly accompanied – from appointment scheduling and video consultation to questionnaires and patient education.

The German government’s “Hospitals of the Future” program now gives clinics a unique opportunity to play a pioneering role in improving the digital infrastructure. Thanks to our Smart Clinic solution, staff in many hospitals already have more and better information at their fingertips. Processes become more efficient and secure, and patients experience their treatment processes in a more informed and independent way. Through the connection to the respective HIS, all data can be used efficiently.

At DMEA sparks we will present further facets of smart communication in healthcare with lectures and virtual tours. We look forward to taking you into the world of Smart Clinic, Smart Practice and smart vs virus – see you at DMEA sparks!