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#SmartHealthTalk Episode 8, Kulin asks... Prof. Dr. Lutz Hager

Good News! Smart Health Talk is back from its summer break, and with Prof. Dr. Lutz Hager, we’re getting right back into the swing of things: Digitalization, the future of regional healthcare and the role of hospitals. 

Admir Kulin fragt… Prof. Dr. Lutz Hager

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 7, Kulin asks... Anne Wiesmann

Every month, our CEO Admir Kulin talks to many smart, far-sighted and interesting people about the future of healthcare. For the next episode of Smart Health Talk, he has invited Anne Wiesmann to talk about the Digital Radar, the maturity of German hospitals, and the perspectives that emerge from this evaluation.

Admir Kulin fragt… Anne Wiesmann

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 6, Kulin asks… Dr. med. Anke Diehl

The T in Dr. med. Anke Diehl’s title does not stand for Technology, but for Transformation and that is good and important, as she explains in the current Smart Health Talk. We also talked about the drivers of digitization, the KHZG, interoperability and how to deal with change management.

Once again, a very meaty conversation with a true visionary in the healthcare industry.

Admir Kulin fragt… Dr. med. Anke Diehl

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 5, Kulin asks… Dr. Reinhard Wichels

We have just published the latest episode of our podcast and video series Smart Health Talk, and you can already look forward to the next interlocutor. Dr. Reinhard Wichels, has more than 20 years of professional experience in healthcare and was a partner in an international management consultancy before founding WMC. He is a physician and has worked in various hospitals.

Admir Kulin fragt… Dr. Reinhard Wichels

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 4, Kulin asks… Dr. Peter Müller

Look forward to the next interlocutor, Dr. Peter Müller. The Chairman of the Foundation Council of Stiftung-Gesundheit has taken questions from our CEO Admir Kulin.

Both find clear words on the topics:

  • Is a certain media criticism in Germany leading to reticence on digitization topics?
  • Are we really still a long way from digital medicine in the outpatient sector?
  • Is the volume of investment in the digitization of the outpatient sector then justified at all?
Admir Kulin fragt… Dr. Peter Müller

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 3, Kulin asks… Dr. Markus Horneber

Where does a large institution like AGAPLESION gAG, which already has a high level of digitization, place its focus at the KHZG? Admir Kulin wanted to know this and much more from Dr. Markus Horneber in the third episode of SmartHealthTalk. 

Admir Kulin fragt… Dr. Markus Horneber

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 2, Kulin asks… Raimar Goldschmidt

After a successful premiere, we had another insightful conversation with Raimar Goldschmidt – CEO of Klinikum Braunschweig. What does Raimar Goldschmidt see as the blessing and challenge of the KHZG? Find out the answers to this question and many more interesting insights into Raimar Goldschmidt’s forward thinking next week in our new episode of Admir Kulin asks.

Admir Kulin fragt… Raimar Goldschmidt

#SmartHealthTalk Episode 1, Kulin asks… Ilka Dekan

The m.Doc Smart Health Talk goes Video and Audio! Our CEO Admir Kulin celebrates the premiere of his video and podcast format “SmartHealthTalk. The first interview guest is Ilka Dekan, who not only wants to revolutionize the culture of innovation in healthcare with her newly founded company Inno3, but also offers exciting insights into the digital transformation in healthcare from the perspective of a statutory health insurance company. Listen in, take a look and subscribe directly!

Admir Kulin fragt… Ilka Dekan
Admir Kulin

#Interview series KHZG: Kulin asks...

When our CEO Admir Kulin asks a question, it often hits home. That’s why he’s currently on a mission. With his interview series “Kulin asks…” he wants to shed more light on the opportunities of the #KHZG, but also on the challenges of implementation and execution, and therefore asks proven experts the right questions.