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Smart Practice offers you the possibility to plan, book and carry out video consultation hours. The video service is KBV listed and TÜV certified. The application works both for registered patients and for people who do not want to register and instead participate anonymously in the video consultation using a one-time password (TAN procedure). Group consultations with several patients are also possible.

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Your advantages at a glance

All in One: Online consultation, document exchange and chat

KBV-listed and TÜV-certified

Online counseling and courses for up to 10 participants

Easy access via web browser for the midwife

Free use via web browser or via app for the clients

Trial period of 31 days, thereafter € 11.90 for monthly use per midwife

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About Smart Practice – FAQ

What is Smart Practice?

Smart Practice offers you the possibility to plan, make bookable and carry out video consultation hours and video courses.

What additional functions are available in the tool for exchange?

There is also a chat module and a document exchange module.

Do I need to install Smart Practice?

No installation on the PC or laptop is required to use Smart Practice; the application runs for the midwife via the m.Doc Smart Practice web browser.

For clients, we provide the application free of charge as an app in addition to the web browser. To install and use, download the Smart Practice application (search: smartpractice) from the iTunes® App Store and for Android devices, download the Google PlayStore.

How do I schedule a video consultation with my clients?

To participate in the video consultation, clients generally have three options.

Midwife registration:

The midwife can enter your data into the video consultation platform and thus create a profile for the client. Here a mail address, a user name and an initial password are created, so that in the next step a registration confirmation is sent to the mail address of the client. When logging in for the first time, the client must enter the initial password (one-time password), which the midwife has given the client separately, as well as assign her own new individual password herself.


The client uses the registration link on the LogIn screen of the application after downloading the app from the iTunes® App Store for iOS and the Google PlayStore for Android devices or registering on the web at In both cases, the client is taken to an input screen where she can enter the appropriate data. When registration is complete, the client receives an e-mail with a link to confirm the registration. There, the client clicks on the link to confirm the registration and to log in with the username and password she previously set.

Participation with TAN:

The client can also participate in the video consultation without registering. To do this, the midwife only needs the client’s e-mail address. An invitation link and a one-time registration code are then sent to this e-mail address. The client then clicks on the link and selects the “Registration with TAN” field on the login page.

Does the insured need to register for “Smart Practice”?

The application works for both registered clients and for those who do not wish to register and instead participate in the video consultation anonymously using a one-time password (TAN method).

Is the tool also suitable for midwife practices?

Yes, you can also use the tool as a midwife practice. Please note that no services can be provided simultaneously by several midwives. In this case, please book multiple user accesses.

How does the insured get access to the appointment/course?

The midwife assigns the client an appointment directly through the Smart Practice application. The client receives appropriate notifications via her app or web application.

Can insurance confirmations for video consultations be created directly through the tool?

No, insurance confirmations cannot be created directly via the tool.

Are there any introductory seminars or tutorials on the application?

Yes, you can find all the dates for the introductory events via the page. Here you can learn everything about AZH’s digital solutions and the Smart Practice video consulting tool from m.Doc GmbH.

For which services is the “Smart Practice” solution certified?

The certification refers to the 1:1 video consultations and courses for up to 10 participants:inside and corresponds to the requirements of the midwife assistance contract (corresponding agreements).1_Vertragstext._Hebammenhilfevertrag_09-2017.pdf ( and 220614_Hebammenhilfevertrag.pdf (

Can courses with more than 10 participants be held?

Yes, it is possible. However, the current certification is for 10 participants:inside. These are therefore billable via the KBV. However, as an individual health service (IGeL) you can have as many participants as you wish.

A certification for a larger number of participants is currently being implemented.

What does the “Smart Practice” solution cost?

The tool is available to you as an AZH midwife for € 11.90 per month. This already includes all 1:1 consultations and courses. There are no further fees.

Can I test Smart Practice?

As an AZH client/customer, you can use the tool free of charge for the first 31 days.

I no longer need the online tool. How and when can I cancel my access?

The cancellation period is 4 weeks. Send the cancellation by mail to: After receipt of the cancellation you will receive a confirmation to your mail address.

On which devices does Smart Practice work?

To use video consultation, all you need is an up-to-date web browser and a stable internet connection, as well as an audio and video device. This means:

Desktop computer:

– Windows 8.1, or newer
– macOS 10.13, or newer
– Linux Ubuntu 14.04, or newer

Mobile devices:

– Android 8, or later
– iOS 12, or newer

Supported Internet browsers:

– Chrome 29, or newer
– Mozilla Firefox 22, or newer
– Safari for iOS 7.0, or newer (note specific setup: Safari-mdoc-settings.pdf)
– Chrome for Android 79, or newer

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How does Smart Practice's video consultation work?

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