Admir Kulin

Managing Director m.Doc GmbH

Admir Kulin

Origin and education

Admir Kulin is what is classically called “self-made”: Born in what is now Bosnia, he came to Germany as a war refugee in the nineties. Here he first began a career as a professional basketball player, later became a coach, and at the same time completed his studies in economics with a focus on sports management and controlling. The aim at the time was to combine his love of sports with the business know-how he had acquired. Accordingly, professional stations as head of controlling at Label of Sportswear GmbH or as IT project manager at Nürburgring Automotive GmbH followed.

Professional career Admir Kulin

But passions can change and while sports – especially basketball – will always remain a private passion, Admir Kulin discovered the exciting field of healthcare after joining Vitaphone GmbH. Above all, the challenges he saw the industry facing aroused his ambition. In the total of around four years at Vitaphone, he was not only able to gain his first insights into the German healthcare system, but also developed his skills within the company to the position of CFO/COO. In the process, his vision matured of a world in which everyone always has access to high-quality healthcare in the form of their own smartphone in their pocket.

Foundation m.Doc GmbH

In addition to his pioneering spirit, the ability to inspire others is probably one of Admir Kulin’s outstanding characteristics, and so it did not take long for him to convince other visionary people from his environment of this vision, and m.Doc GmbH saw the light of day in 2016. Within just six years, he and his team have managed to turn the company into Germany’s leading digital healthcare pioneer. When the buzzword patient portal comes up, the name m.Doc is almost mentioned in the same breath – and that was long before the German government massively focused on precisely those digital patient portals as part of the Hospital Future Act. The m.Doc Smart Clinic has been in use for years in numerous hospitals, hospital associations and university clinics.

Admir Kulin's vision

This foresight is further underscored by the underlying platform technology, the modular design of all m.Doc solutions, and the broad-based partner ecosystem. Market leadership in patient portals in German-speaking countries is just the beginning, as becomes clear when looking at m.Doc’s technological orientation. This is one of the reasons why Admir Kulin is now a regular guest at events and in the media as a speaker or panel participant. And his regular columns and publications show that he understands the challenges of the present just as well as putting his finger in the famous wound without stepping on others’ toes. In doing so, he covers a diverse range of topics, including the healthcare market, the platform economy, and numerous technological disciplines.

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